Single page HTML 5 website with animations and rich storytelling elements

For the annual company Christmas wishes we created a large single page website. Fully loaded with dozens of hand drawn illustrations, animations, falling snow, cheesy music and rich storytelling! Each of the 44 Netvlies employees and 2 dogs have their own personal wish for you! Hence the name and hashtag #EenBergWensen (#AMountainOfWishes). Visitors can leave their own wish by using this hashtag on Twitter!

Step-by-step process of making the #EenBergWensen logo.

Every idea begins with a sketch!

The main story and illustration is that of a Winter wonderland with snowy mountain peaks. Lots of pine trees and a skiing resort where the employees of Netvlies are getting ready for Christmas. They’re searching for the perfect Christmas tree in the pine woods. Decorating the trees, and well basically decorating everything and everyone they get their hands on!

Large scrollable illustration with HTML 5 animated elements. The parallax effect on the background mountains and helicopter added even more depth and user experience

Each and every employee, intern and dog of Netvlies was illustrated using a tablet and with custom made fineliner and marker brushes.

Also a great project to use my own hand drawn typeface Agràve!

Each Advent flap has its own theme with matching mini story. From a bunch of Christmas angels, an expedition searching for Big Foot to a Search and Rescue team. This mini story is told in a series of 3 polaroid photos.

Illustrating 15 polaroids is a lot of fun!

Step-by-step process of illustrating Big Foot