Grip Op Geld

Website chock-full of tips and tricks to get control over your own money

Grip op Geld (Control over Money) helps you with advice and workshops to keep your finances in order. The core of the site is a huge amount of self-help tips and tricks. Each grouped in one of four categories: getting fired, living on your own, retirement and breaking up. When you successful control your own finances it prevents many other problems in life!

Mobile use of navigation and search

I always try to make an icon set tailored to the corporate identity. Just to make the overall design more special and less generic. In this special case there wasn’t a graphic identity to work with. No logo, no typeface, no colours. Just a short brief the overall style and website should be cheerful and fun to look at.

Custom made icon set

The home page has a pretty basic lay-out with a testimonial, a short introduction to the purpose of the site and entrances to the four main categories. Followed by the heart of the site: the valuable tips and tricks and some workshops.

Desktop and tablet view of the home page

Category overview page with simple filtering options to get to the most relevant content for you. When using the filters the tips and tricks rearrange on the fly.

Tips overview page and following tip detail page

Besides reading tips and tricks or follow a workshop you can also request a personal consultation with a budget advisor.

Consultation request page

Button style guide

Typography style guide