Helden van Oranje

To honour and support the Dutch soccer team at the World Cup in Brazil, I created these stencils to spray on walls al over The Netherlands!

I always really liked stencil graffiti and wanted to give it a try myself. The World Cup soccer in Brasil was the perfect event for me to take on the challenge! Right after each Oranje game I had to create a new stencil. First searching for a photo of the key moment in the game than creating the illustration. And finally cutting and spraying the illustration onto a wall using bright orange chalk spray.

Hero Huntelaar cheering after scoring the winning goal against Mexico in the 94th minute

Step-by-step process of illustrating Huntelaar

Trying not to go berserk on the details, because cutting the stencil is a pretty hard thing to do. Even with a razor sharp X-Acto knife!

Making a stencil illustration proved to be a game of simplifying and losing most details to get the most powerful image.

Hero Krul stops a penalty against Costa Rica!

Step-by-step process of illustrating Krul

Hero Depay right after scoring the second goals against Chili in the 92nd minute

Spraying the stencil on the pavement or onto a wall proved to be a lot of fun and rewarding after all the hard work! The lighter the surface, the better the result.

Hero Robben scoring the first goal against Australia

Hero Van Persie scoring the phenomenal diving header against Spain