Vitility sells products that make your life easier

  • Role Lead Visual Design
  • For Netvlies
  • Date March 2014
  • Type Responsive E-commerce Website
  • Offline This design is no longer online

Vitility products make everyday life easier and more pleasant. The products are well thought out, comfortable and have a smart design. The wide range of products are meant for both young and old people, with or without disabilities.

On all devices the shopping cart slides in from the right side for a better and more consistent user experience

The Vitility range is divided into six different product lines. Each with its own colour scheme used in both product packaging and website sections.

Desktop and tablet view of the homepage

Mobile view of the homepage with navigation and shopping cart transitions.

Because this website was also meant for people with (visual) disabilities I paid a lot of attention to readability and contrast between foreground and background colours. For instance it appeared that black text on a blue background had more contrast than white text on the same coloured background and therefore is better readable!

Product overview with filtering options and a product mouse-over

Product detail with previous visual product mouse-over

Check-out and dealer pages