Creation of a friendly script typeface with maximum readability

  • Role Type Designer
  • For Self-initiated
  • Date Ongoing project
  • Type Typeface
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Because typography is such an important element in (web) design I wanted to discover the craft of type design. What better way than to create my own typeface! It all started with scanning my own handwriting. Continuing with countless hours adjusting, refining and kerning all 491 unique glyphs. Creating support for many languages such as Polish, Swedish and even Na’vi.

Personal, legible and tasty!

Since this project was about finding out a much as possible about typography, I added a lot of Open Type features. Features such as: Small Caps, Fractions, Old-Style numbering and I used the Private Use Area for an Irony mark and even a moustache icon. My favourite feature though is the use of Ligatures.

Agràve has more than 40 ligatures

Type specimen poster

A script typeface is perhaps not the easiest way to start type design. Especially if you want all the accented letters to be slightly different to achieve a varied look across the typeface.

All accented glyphs are slightly different

Agràve started out as a Light version, later I’ve added Regular and Bold weights. Not an easy task to maintain the same x-height and legibility in all the glyphs.

Light, regular and bold weights

The use of Agràve in a cookbook

The work started in 2012 as a small side project. Working on it every now and then in weekends and evenings. Almost four years later a lot is done, but still Agràve isn’t completely finished. Someday it will!

Modifications and glyph additions to Agràve over the years of creation