In-house awards for striking and inconspicuous good work of the past year!

  • Role Initiator / Graphic & 3D design
  • For Netvlies
  • Date December 2015
  • Type 3D printed awards

Oogappels (Apple of my eye) are the in-house awards within Netvlies for striking and inconspicuous good work of the past year! It is the way to get more appreciation for each other’s work. To be collectively proud of the projects we do together.

Final 3D printed Oogappel awards, made from high-end porcelain

Making the awards was really fun to do. With almost no experience in 3D printing, I just started with making some sketches and a prototype. Followed by creating a rough and low poly 3D model. This turned out not to match the design guidelines for printing in porcelain. So I moved on to a higher resolution 3D model matching these specific printing guidelines.

From prototype to low resolution model to high resolution 3D model

Each project could compete in one of three categories: Design & Interaction, Technique and Puik! The last category was meant for all sort of things that deserved to gain additional appreciation, such as a series of successful webinars or even the abundant lunch at Netvlies.

First step in coming to 3 nominees per category were these longlists where everybody could write down their favourite project

I created stamped logos to get a handmade look and feel to emphasis the (digital) craftsmanship in our work and projects.

Different (colour) variations of the Oogappels logo

When the longlists were filled up with projects the really hard part began: determine 3 nominees per category! Taking the different aspects of each project into account the jury came to 9 nominees that were divers and well balanced. The next step was voting. What nominee would get the most votes and win 1 of 3 awards? Exciting!

With 3 nominees in every category voting began with personal voting cards!